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I am so excited to write my first post on my new blog.   I am no longer writing at Everything Coordinated.  Although I’ve written great stuff & I stand by everything I’ve written,  I no longer want to write strictly about Weddings & Special Events.  I still love & will share those details here, you will see an influx of social events, special outings I attend with my family, friends, or for business.  Here, you can indulge yourself in my personal lifestyle.

2015 was such an amazing year for me & my family…I am officially Mrs. Robinson!  I married a wonderful man on September 6, 2015.  OMG…it was beautiful!  You better believe I took my own advice! &  I planned the entire wedding (up until a few weeks before) by myself – because I have the know-how…in 5 months.  Can you say Exhausting!  but it was sooooo worth it & I will do it all again.  My vendors were amazing!  the hotel was gorgeous!  my dress was…let’s just say people are STILL talking about it 😉  & MY Groom! he still has me crushing on him.  I will share every detail & Spotlight every vendor, so stay tuned.

My Bridal Shower – was wonderfully thrown by my Maids.  However, I wasn’t completely happy.  I will explain those details in a later post.

My Bachelorette Party – I seriously can’t even expose those details.  My Bro (who was my Man-of-Honor, funded most of the trip…he didn’t come…oh absolutely not!) Sis & Maid Chicks gave me the BEST time in Vegas ever.  I’ll never tell so don’t look for those details.

Our Honeymoon – My husband & I Honeymooned in St. Thomas, Virgin Island.  I have a serious flying phobia so I don’t do much traveling.  However, I will seek all the counseling I may need to get me back there.  The people, the food, & the water! (oh my, the water!) was everything!  I can’t wait to share pictures with you on how Gorgeous the water is.  I failed to take pictures the way I should’ve.  I was too busy “Honeymooning”  so…I need a St. Thomas do-over. Ha!

Promotion – I got promoted to a Senior Level Secretary.  More money is always a blessing & my boss is great.

Whew!  God is Good!

Stay tuned for Event Posts I’ve written but haven’t posted, Up-Coming Events & more…

With Love,

Mrs. Robinson

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