Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor: Hidden Little Secret

I’ve attended the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor every year since it’s conception and I’m happy to see first-hand how much it has grown.  I didn’t post a review from last year (I have my reason!) but my pictures are to die for.  I’ll post those in my Instagram Instastories.

Dark Harbor has always been terrifyingly fun but the creativity of the mazes and concepts of fright mature each year.  For example, Lullaby, this maze was one of the first-runners and although it’s the same, it has a lot more attention to detail this year.  Each year it gets better (like wine!)

Feast was a maze that first exhibited last year.  This year it was just as great or better.  I loved when we first started walking through it gives the illusion you’re walking through a food warehouse with boxes everywhere.  That was a nice added touch.  I swear, when we were walking through the part of the maze where the bodies were hanging it actually smelled like dead bodies.  Not that I’ve ever smelled a dead body before, it’s what I assume it should smell like.  Or, maybe someone passed gas…who knows.  I wasn’t the only one who smelled it though, so maybe it was supposed to be there?

Don’t think because you came once, that’s it.  Each year the maze is different, each year it’s getting better.  I’m going to let you in on a little secret…shhh!  Some of the mazes have secret bars in them.  No, not like prison bars, shots…not gun shots, alcohol shots!  Forget it!  Go see for yourself.

Speaking of bar, I couldn’t resist the 9 degree chill of The Ice Cave. Not to fret, the different flavor shots will warm you up. The tasting is a mere $9 for two shots but the experience is well worth it. Let’s just be honest, the more alcohol you consume the more the ghouls become your friend.  Maybe that’s just my experience. Ha!



Circus is back! I must admit I didn’t care for this one as much as I did the first year it exhibited, but again, the attention to detail in the décor was spectacular.

Anywho (it’s my thing, let it go), B340 is back…there’s something about this maze that really puts my scare into perspective. Maybe because it’s from a true story? One of the biggest massacres aboard a cruise line.

There’s so much to see and do this year at Dark Harbor this year.  The sliders are back! Deadrise is back! I must say it’s nice to see some of my ghoul friends I met over the years return for another frightfully fun year.  I’m also glad they didn’t make it rain! Thank goodness.  There’s even a Haunted Hookah area if you’re into this.  I didn’t see a lot of people engaging in this activity so, it’s not for everyone…not even majority.  Hmm… I wonder why they added this?


Of course there’s the VIP experience with the RIP Lounge & Captains Quarters.  Don’t think this is your ticket away from the ghouls…they haunt there too!

I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I said it wasn’t work paying the ticket.  It’s definitely worth it.  There’s a Panic 4D Experience if you’re really want to immerse yourself in fear. There are Six (6) scream-filled mazes, with three (3) secret bars, and only one (1) exit.

Do you Dare?

You have until November 2, 2018 to get scared straight.  For more information or to purchase tickets online visit www.queenmary.com/Dark-Harbor

Head over to my instagram for more pictures & videos

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Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor: The Fear is Real!

Yesterday, I made the mistake of thinking I was prepared for what was waiting for me behind the gates of The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor.  I thought, last year, I went behind these gates and eventually came out with all my limbs in tact. So this year should be a little easier on the fear ‘o-meter!  Nope! That’s what I get for thinking.  This year the mazes were scarier than last year.  By scarier, I mean the mazes were full of great detail but I can tell they limited some things from last year & added new effects.  Which is good because who really wants to see the exact same thing over & over? Change is good.

I took my Hubby this year thinking he would be my muscle for the night. There I go “thinking” again.  He was trying to scare me more than the monsters! Whose side are you on Mr.?

When we first got there of course we took our picture with the green screen. Our scary face (well his more than mine) was hilarious! I vowed not to show that picture to anyone LOL. But, I can be swayed.

We…well I, decided to play a new game they were introducing called ZTAG.  They give you, the “Witch Doctor”, spirit meters to clip on while you collect the secrets behind the evil eight (8) by scanning your hand as you encounter each spirit…I think?…anyways, it wasn’t working and no one knew what to do with it so maybe by the time you go it will be operating without a hitch.  Mostly everyone, including me, were on red so we were all evil spirits.  Good thing I was able to expel the spirit by drinking yet another potion. Whew! What an epidemic that was.


We stopped and purchased a tubal potion…I mean cocktail-shot from these beauties (I mean ghoulies) on our way to the VIP Lounge.

The VIP Lounge offers a great view of the park (and fire show) & is the best way to lounge and sneak away from the terrifying sliders.  However, It doesn’t stop all the ghouls. So always watch your back!

The VIP Lounge also has a bar and a delicious taco bar. It was a huge hit! There were chicken, carne asada, & steamed pork as meat options with all the fixings to take your taco to the next level. I had carne asada & steamed pork due to an accidental switcheroo between the hubs & I but I enjoyed both.

I didn’t get an opportunity to enjoy the Creepy Cabanas and Paintball this time. I didn’t see PANIC (which I think is new this year) so that was a bummer.

I loved all the mazes and can’t say I have a favorite…


The haunting detail in B340 are incredibly gruesome.  I suggest everyone hold hands on this one.  Even the toughest ones squeal at some point.


If you read my last review, you’ll know Lullaby creeps me out the most.  There’s something about Scary Mary & her horrible story that makes all my hairs stand tall. OR…Maybe it was her asking me if I want to play ” Hide & Go Die”. Um…no thanks Mary. I’ll have to pass.


I remember Graceful Gale having a buffet of eternal soulmates last year & this year I was hit by hanging body parts. I believe something mentioned eating me alive? enough said.


Ok…so Circus scared me straight.  Balls…clowns…mirrors…oh my! The mirrors! We got stuck in the damn mirror maze! That shit scared me. You’d think one of the clowns would’ve said…this way cry baby.  Hell naw! They lured and lured us in all the wrong directions. Argh!! I think the hubs got a little freaked out in this one.

The Balls… we had to walk in the balls…past her…


Excuse me, ball lady…point me in the direction of the exit please & thank you.


Intrepid was the newest maze which included the “Iron Master”.  When first entering we had to duck-walk through a small ass tube. Say what? That got my attention.  I was the fastest running duck on the grounds.  Picture someone scary behind you while you duck-walk through a damn pipe.  Yeah…that part.  Anyways, we got lost in here also.  Again, none of the masked men was helpful in pointing us toward the exit.  Only in circles. GEESH! Then one of the masked men decided it was best to chase me OUT the maze.  That’s a hell-of-a scare tactic.

There was one final maze/ sinister spirit I didn’t get a photo of (but I did encounter) so I will not mention it. You just have to go see for yourself! You have until October 31st to do so. When you do, visit each of the experiences I missed, then come back here and comment your thoughts.

Fear Lives Here! ( That couldn’t be more accurate)


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Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor: Ghouls Galore

I am a big scare-dy cat.  I know this. Not only do I NOT watch scary movies, I typically don’t go to any type of freight fest & scary mazes. But this year, I decided to put my big-girl panties on and check out the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor event. By the looks of this picture, I’m totally smiling on the outside and running from this Ghoul on the inside.

However, I must say I was very impressed with the cast {Freaks, Oddities, Monsters, & Sliders. Oh yeah! The sliders take it to a whole new level}. They were all true to character and played their roles very well. My worst and favorite was Scary Mary. Yikes! I couldn’t force a smile, but Mary gave me her best cheese!
During Media Coverage, we were able to receive first-hand experience of:
The Freight Pass – where there was literally no wait in lines.
The VIP Experience – The R.I.P. Private Lounge sits high above Dark Harbor where you can view the entire park. We were able to enjoy cocktails, music, delicious pulled chicken and pulled pork sliders with a side of homemade chips. There were private scary encounters (the best one was our special visit from Graceful Gale & one of her “Soulmates”.

























Our Experience also included a souvenir light-up cup {we’re just grown kids, right?} which we received inside VOODOO VILLAGE

























& a private CREEPY CABANA full of delectable treats.

























Then there’s this guy {I suggest avoiding him if possible}…
















I must be honest; I wasn’t thrilled about (1) going on the Queen Mary and (2) walking through dark mazes. Coincidentally, there were 3 mazes that were on the Queen Mary and of course they all were in the dark: LULLABY {featuring Scary Mary & her “best friends”}, B340 & Soulmate {featuring Graceful Gale}.
























Let’s just say we held hands the entire time.

There were 3 mazes inside the Dark Harbor park: CIRCUS {which really made us feel like kids again with the Chuck-E-Cheese balls} LOL. DEADRISE {which I ended up not liking because one of the vengeful ghouls decided to “make it rain” on my fresh hair press…argh! I can laugh now, but I wasn’t a happy camper after that.
VOODOO VILLAGE, where you’ll find the FREAKS & ODDITIES SIDESHOW didn’t disappoint. You want to see freaks & oddities, that’s exactly what you will get.

























The slider show was absolutely wonderful!
















All in all…I recommend you go…go & be joyfully frightened.


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